Speaking at the South by Southwest conference held in Texas, Zuckerberg said that people will soon be able to showcase their NFTs on Instagram and print new ones. However, he did not provide further details on how NFTs will be used on the social media platform.

According to the statement, NFT integration could happen to the social media platform Instagram in the next few months.

   "We're working on bringing NFTs to Instagram in the short term. I'm not ready to explain exactly what's going to happen, but you'll be able to see some of your NFTs on Instagram in the next few months."

Last year, Facebook's name was changed to Meta, revealing the social media giant's claim in the Metaverse area. With this initiative, worldwide interest in Metaverse has increased even more. That's why the latest statement by Meta's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, did not come as a surprise. Because Metaverse is a tightly knit field with cryptocurrencies and NFTs, which are seen as digital collectibles and works of art.

Mark Zuckerberg

In addition, Instagram held a "Creator Week" in the summer of 2021. The social media company aroused curiosity by sponsoring NFT artists who will take part in the conference. Additionally, Zuckerberg made futuristic predictions during the event, such as "The clothes you wear in the Metaverse can be printed as NFTs and you can wear them between different venues."

Prior to Meta's attempt to bring the NFT feature through Instagram, Twitter brought the feature to its platform. Twitter, the social media platform heavily used by the cryptocurrency community, implemented NFT integration a few months ago. Although the usage area is limited at the moment, Twitter Blue users can use their NFTs as profile pictures.

Apart from the NFT feature, Twitter also has the feature of tipping using Bitcoin and Ethereum on the platform. Thanks to this feature, Twitter users can send tips to their favorite content creators on the platform via crypto assets.