Focused on privacy and scalability, zkSync is officially coming to the Ethereum network after a long wait. It is interpreted as a big improvement for the Ethereum network.

Also known as a zero-knowledge blockchain solution, zkSync has officially announced that it will transition to the Ethereum (ETH) network. zkSync, which will start using the Rollup protocol on the Ethereum testnet, will provide both scalability and privacy, and will help eliminate the need for humans to validate transactions.

   "ZK Rollups capable of general computation are often considered key to Ethereum’s endgame, but a year ago, leading researchers believed we were many years away. Today, we’re launching the first EVM-compatible ZK Rollup on public testnet."

The developers of the ZkSync team, in their statement last year, emphasized that this version, which passed the Turing test, enables direct decentralized applications (dApp) to be used at low cost and in a scalable way.

According to the statement made by Matter Labs, users will have a much better experience and use of the network. The Ethereum blockchain network is particularly known for its high gas transaction fees. This is causing many users and developers to migrate to other L1 networks. Thanks to the EVM compatible ZK Rollup network, the big problem in the Ethereum network can be solved. The beginning of a new era for Ethereum may have come with this news.

Sismo, one of the well-known names in the crypto industry, emphasized that this is very, very important and big news. The Solidity smart contract written by Sismo will now be implemented on the Ethereum network.

This will act as an L2 just like Polygon (MATIC) or Arbitrum and reduce congestion on the Ethereum network. It can be said that this news has already made a big impact on the Ethereum community.