“You Should Trust Bitcoin More”

In the latest report of the Bernstein company, it was stated that those who trust gold should trust Bitcoin much more.

Especially with the banking crisis in March, significant increases were seen in Bitcoin and gold prices, and it is noteworthy that Bitcoin increased more than gold. While the yellow metal was priced at $2000, the largest cryptocurrency rose to $30,000 yesterday evening, increasing its rise since the beginning of the year to 70 percent.

Analysts of Bernstein, who has more than $ 800 billion in assets under his management, stated in their latest report that it is “irrational” to trust gold and not Bitcoin, and used the following statements:

If you trust gold, you should trust Bitcoin more. As we mentioned earlier, the correlation between Bitcoin and gold increases during times of crisis. That’s what we’re seeing right now… However, whenever money becomes worthless, gold and Bitcoin rally, where Bitcoin surpasses gold. The faster horse is Bitcoin. For example, during the Covid period, Bitcoin rose 2.9 times more than gold. Since the beginning of the year, which included the banking crisis, Bitcoin has increased by 71%, while gold has increased by only 10%.

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