Y00ts and DeGods Say ‘Goodbye’ to Solana

The team behind the Y00ts and DeGods NFT projects were paid $3 million to move their collection from Solana to Polygon. The news of the relocation of NFT projects was made via the communication platform Discord. Later, Frank III, the founder of Y00ts and DeGods projects, posted a screenshot of this statement on his official Twitter account.

The developers had previously announced that they would switch from Solana to the Polygon network on December 27, 2022. The Solana network has also been hit hard by the collapse of FTX and is having trouble recovering. The replacement of the Y00ts and DeGods project networks is estimated to be due to outages, especially in Solana.

However, Frank III stated that higher bids were received from other projects, but they saw the Polygon network as the right decision for the future of the projects.

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