XRP Statement from Cardano Founder

Cardano (ADA) founder Charles Hoskinson recently said in a video statement that he will withdraw completely from all discussions about XRP after the community continues to harass him over a false rumor about a deal between Ripple and the SEC that he claims will be made on December 15.

Hoskinson said he had heard rumors that the lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC could end on December 15. Hoskinson explained that one of his listeners asked a question about whether ADA could be classified as an unregistered security in the US and what Cardano would do in such a situation.

While Hoskinson shared his views on the subject, he also made a vague comment about the Ripple case. Hoskinson claims the lawsuit is an “industry-wide concern” and therefore addresses the issue. The Cardano founder said he heard the rumor from “a fairly reliable source” close to the case. However, after the rumor shared by Hoskinson turned out to be unexpectedly false, he was accused of lying by members of the XRP community. “I don’t know how to interact with the XRP community,” Hoskinson said.

The founder of Cardano says he does not consider the XRP token an unregistered security, despite the claims of the SEC. However, he also does not believe there is any corruption within the SEC, reiterating the view that this is just a conspiracy theory supported by XRP fans. Hoskinson argues that Ethereum has received kinder treatment from the regulator because of its size, scope, and scale.

Hoskinson says he has previously been “taunted”, “harassed” and “treated cruelly” by the XRP community for not believing in conspiracy theories. Therefore, Hoskinson thinks that there is no value in talking about XRP or answering questions about XRP anymore.

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