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XRP In The Top 10, LUNC In The Top 100

Bitcoin briefly disrupted its sideways movement at $ 16,800 in the last 24 hours with purchases moving towards $ 17,000, but with the intervention of sellers during Asian trading hours, Bitcoin moved down throughout the day and returned to the 16,800 limit. Having a similar momentum, Ethereum continues to trade at $1,217 as of the moment, after rising to $1,233 in 24-hour transactions.

Among the top 10 cryptocurrencies, the prominent cryptocurrency today was XRP. The Ripple token rose to $0.368 after a 7% increase from $0.345 in yesterday’s transactions. The crypto money, which hung below $ 0.36 in the first hours of the day, saw an increase once again with the re-engagement of the buyers and gained value to the level of $ 0.37 today. In the last case, XRP is progressing as the most profitable asset in the top 10 with an increase of close to 5%, while other cryptocurrencies remain stable. Following XRP, MATIC is changing hands at $0.81, with a partial value increase of 1%.

The local asset of the crypto asset Terra Classic, which stands out among the top 100 cryptocurrencies today, was LUNC. LUNC continued its trend, which started at the opening of the week, by increasing today and reached the 0.00018 dollar band, increasing by 25% compared to yesterday’s opening price. LUNC is currently trading at November levels, making up for December losses. Today, the Terra Classic community has a new proposal vote in the latest developments regarding LUNC, which has reached the market value of 1 billion dollars and rose to 38th place again. The current voted proposal is about the cancellation of the previous proposal, which stipulated that 50% of all burned LUNC would be transferred to the community development pool. It is seen that LUNC is priced positively with the new offer, which is thought to support incineration activities.

Following LUNC in the top 100 cryptocurrencies, QNT, FIL and OKB were altcoins that were just ahead of XRP with their rise in the 5% band. In the top 100, XCN, TON, and FXS were ranked as the top losing altcoins today. As of now, 56 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are positive, while 44 are negative compared to yesterday. Its total market capitalization has remained stable at $811 billion. The last 24-hour trading volume remains low at $23 billion.

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