As the Santiment Feed Twitter account brought up, XRP is seeing the second highest amount of savings in the last 5 years. According to the data, 897 million XRP has been transferred in the last 3 months to 336 XRP wallets currently holding over 10 million Ripple tokens.

   "The second largest $XRP accumulation in the past 5 years by top tier whales is in progress. There are currently 336 #XRPNetwork addresses that hold 10M $XRP or more. Many of these undoubtedly belong to exchanges, but this is still a notable anomaly "

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It is thought that the majority of the addresses subject to accumulation belong to crypto money exchanges. However, this increase in demand for the Ripple token was recorded as the second largest accumulation period seen in the last 5 years.

The previous record accumulation period was seen in November and December of 2020. At that time, while large investors accumulated an average of 1.3 billion XRP, as a result of this increased activity, the Ripple token saw its biggest rise against Bitcoin.

The peak price of XRP against the dollar was in 2018, although many crypto assets saw ATH last year. XRP hit an all-time high with a price of $3.28 in 2018. The 2021 peak price of XRP, which has lost 75% of its value compared to its current price, was $ 1.96.

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The biggest development that negatively affected the XRP price is seen as the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC on whether the crypto asset is a security. Earlier in the lawsuit filed by the SEC, several major US cryptocurrency exchanges removed XRP from their exchanges. This decision, which had a great impact, caused the XRP price to decline to $ 0.17 at that time.

The general view in the market is that the crypto asset will gain serious value if it gets a possible positive result in the SEC case. This is cited as the reason for the XRP community to regularly accumulate XRP.

While the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC has been closely followed by the crypto markets, two very important documents have been requested to be submitted to prove that XRP is not a security in recent developments. In response to this important development, Ripple attorney Jeremy Hogan thinks this case may also result in a settlement, citing cases involving other crypto companies in the past.