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Xapo Was The First Bank to Integrate into BTC Lightning Network

The Gibraltar-based private banking organization Xapo Bank has a new cooperation to integrate the accelerated Bitcoin payment network Lightning Network. Lightspark, the initiative of Facebook’s former crypto developer David Markus, agreed with Xapo Bank for BTC payments.

As a result of the partnership between Lightspark and Xapo, bank customers will be able to pay the Lightning Network to the sellers with low commissioned, fast and secure payment on the condition of $ 100. Thanks to this agreement, Xapo Bank has become the first licensed bank integrated into Lightning Network. Seamus Rocc of Xapo Bank CEO, said the following words after the partnership news:

“Ultra Efficient Lightning Network integrated our bank by integrating it in this field. Our customers will be able to pay easily in low amounts of Bitcoin.”

Seamus Rocca gave a good news to its customers after a statement of payment integration. CEO announced that Xapo Bank will offer Bitcoin deposits with an annual interest rate of 1 %. Lightning Network is a blockchain solution that aims to solve the process rate problem in the Bitcoin network using external chains for transfer processes.

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