“X” also has a crypto payment license

Social media giant X has received a new license for crypto payments, with the goal of expanding payment processing on its platform. Thus, X will pave the way for millions of users around the world to use the ability to send and receive crypto money through the platform. According to data displayed on the NMLS site, the 7th license of platform X was approved by the Rhode Island regulator on August 28. With this license, it will be possible to provide services related to crypto assets to X users.

Before Elon Musk bought Twitter, the social media giant added a feature that allowed users to get tips with Bitcoin, with a crypto-friendly approach. In addition, users were also allowed to change their profile pictures to NFT. Now, it can be said that with the license obtained, the connection of the platform with the crypto industry will become even stronger. With this development, which is seen as an important step for the crypto industry, users will be able to send and store cryptocurrencies on the X platform in the coming periods. After this development, which is seen as a turning point in the adoption of cryptocurrencies, it is now a matter of curiosity which cryptocurrencies X will support.

This development came with a series of positive events for the crypto industry this week. Prominent among these was Grayscale’s lawsuit against the SEC. In the coming days, Elon Musk’s tips on crypto services on the X platform may activate the market.

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