Wood Expects Meteoric Rise in Adoption of BTC and AI

Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, stated that there will be a rapid rise in the adoption of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence technology. Wood stated that Bitcoin and artificial intelligence follow adoption S-curves closely. The S-curve is a graph that shows the rate at which users adopt a new product or technology.

Cathie Wood believes that user adoption of Bitcoin and AI technology is growing rapidly. Wood said that the combination of Bitcoin and artificial intelligence technologies will accelerate this adoption. Interest in new technologies starts slowly, gains momentum, and eventually explodes, reaching the steepest part of the S-curve. She stated that Bitcoin and artificial intelligence are at this stage.

Wood cited as an example how Tesla’s technological development contributed to the rapid rise in prices. He defined Tesla’s technological development as the combination of three separate innovations: robots, energy and artificial intelligence-based autonomous driving. Stating that Tesla’s rapid growth was met with surprise by many people, Wood stated that autonomous driving technology has not started yet and this will further contribute to Tesla’s growth.

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