Will the NFT Trend Start Again?

With the NFT auction organized by Yuga Labs, great activity has come to the sector, the NFT frenzy may be starting again.

Investors have turned their eyes to the NFT sector once again. The Bitcoin (BTC) NFT Auction, which Yuga Labs has been working on for a long time, has attracted great interest from investors, as a situation that can trigger a possible NFT trend. In the huge NFT auction attended by 288 people in total, the most valuable piece was offered for sale at 7.11 BTC. Looking at OpenSea, the first platform that comes to mind when NFT is mentioned, there has been an incredible increase in volume recently.

Amazon, one of the pioneers of technology, has claimed that the NFT Market Marketplace will be opened in the coming months. Amazon, which has been rumored to have 15 NFT collections as of now, has created great excitement among NFT investors. It is also among the rumors that the Amazon Digital Marketplace will be operational in April. The platform, which is allegedly expected to be opened, will first be put into service on the US side. The giant step announced by Amazon is on the agenda of the NFT industry. In addition, according to the information published by Amazon, NFTs on the Amazon Digital Marketplace can only be purchased from Amazon account and credit card payment method.

Since the beginning of the NFT frenzy, a data has drawn attention on the most popular and most traded OpenSea platform. The volume returning in Ethereum (ETH) parity on OpenSea on February 20 attracted the attention of NFT investors. The ETH volume chart, which has been steadily progressing recently, and the OpenSea platform, looking at the date of February 20, had an impact in the sector by seeing a transaction volume of 139,601 ETH.

The NFT sector, which has come to the fore again, especially with the NFT auction organized by Yuga Labs, is gradually gaining investors. The rapid pricing of NFT collections on the OpenSea platform may be giving clues that the NFT trend may start again.

Looking back over the 30-day time frame, NFT collections show incredible appreciation and volume. NFT investors have turned to the sector again, especially in recent weeks. “BoredApeYachtClub”, the first name that comes to mind when it comes to NFT collection, has attracted the attention of NFT investors by showing a 162 percent increase in volume in the last 30 days. Looking back at the other NFT collections, the incredible floor increases stand out.

BLUR, the token of the popular NFT platform Blur, attracted a lot of attention by reaching a transaction volume of 500 million dollars after the airdrop. BLUR was sent to active users on the Blur platform in the form of Airdrop. The amount of airdrops varied according to the activity of the users on the platform.

Blur, which reached a volume of $ 530 million in its popular time, positively triggered NFTs. In addition, BLUR, which was listed at $ 1 on the Coinbase crypto exchange, provided incredible profits to its investors. NFT platform Blur, which gained great attention after its Airdrop, may be one of the biggest supporters of a possible NFT trend.

In particular, the rise in the BoredApeYachtClub, the recognized face of NFT collections, gives confidence to the NFT investor. When we look at the social media sides, we see that the issue of NFT has fallen like a bomb on the agenda. Social media posts for NFTs by many popular artists are on the rise. Many NFT investors have started to reorganize their NFT sweepstakes. The support for NFT, which has been followed by social media, has attracted great attention. The giant NFT auction organized by Yuga Labs is the pioneer of the NFT trend that can start.

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