Metaverse is expected to revolutionize all aspects of the internet. It is also clear that more people will surf the internet and more businesses will be online in the future. On the other hand, climate change is troubling, perhaps as the most dangerous consequence of human progress. It all depends on whether carbon emissions will increase beyond what nature can absorb.

Can Metaverse Reduce Environmental Carbon Emission Volumes?

Metaverse is defined as a network of interconnected, immersive 3D virtual worlds to foster social connections. It is also said to be as diverse and in-depth as the real world where almost any service is available. In the future, most, if not all, businesses or utilities will need to have a Metaverse. Even the armies of the world's leading superpowers are currently under development. They, too, make it clear that they see the Metaverse as the next frontier of competition.

second life metaverse

Like all other new technologies, the impact of the Metaverse on the environment is contradictory. On the one hand, it is predicted to cause significantly more emissions. But on the other hand, it will offer a very high level of improvement in efficiency. It is also expected to reduce activities that are the main producers of carbon emissions. Emissions in many areas are taking a big leap forward. Everyone joins the effort to make the Metaverse work as conceptualized. Various technologies to assist this consume a lot of energy. Examples of these are Blockchain and virtual reality.

Russia legalizes Bitcoin mining in Energy-intensive regions

Experts from the crypto industry in Russia recently formed a working group to formulate a standard for successful and energy efficient cryptocurrency mining in the country. A bill on digital currencies currently under preparation by the Ministry of Finance provides a framework for cryptocurrency transactions, according to a statement released by a Russian official on Sept. Accordingly, it has come to the fore that cryptocurrency mining is legal in regions where there is no energy problem in the country.