Will Solana (SOL) Be Able to Survive?

After the bankruptcy of the crypto currency exchange FTX, subcoins such as Bitcoin (BTC) also experienced harsh decreases. One of them was undoubtedly Ethereum (ETH) rival Solana (left). Solana, whom everyone thought would disappear, was born again from his ashes and experienced an increase of approximately 100 %in the rally in 2023. Because in the beginning of January 2023, the left is below $ 10, now is now at the level of $ 23.

According to Coindesk, Coinbase, who examined the developments in Solana, said that the Solana network was not immune against the difficulties of crypto winter in 2022. In addition, considering the historical relationship of the Solana network with the bankrupt crypto exchange FTX, FTX’s bankruptcy still had an extreme effect on the block chain in terms of market sensitivity.

Coinbase analyst Brian Cubellis wrote about Solana:

“Although the bankruptcy of FTX still has a major impact on Solana, it still exists as the basic value of the solana protocol. it represents a legitimate approach between. “

Analyst, despite all the negative events experienced solana’nın transactions, users and development-related network efficiency, considering the relative power, solana’nın a real Layer-1 rival to re-emerge in a good position, he said.

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