Qualcomm's boss, Cristiano Amon, believes the metaverse will offer significant industry benefits. Saying that the concept of metaverse is more associated with social media and games, Amon believes that it will be a bigger industry than anticipated. Qualcomm, in cooperation with Microsoft, started to develop chips for this purpose.

The increasing prevalence and strengthening of cloud infrastructures is the most important factor supporting the metaverse concept. For example, to buy a vehicle, it is enough to wear a virtual reality helmet. You can experience the virtual version of the vehicle on cloud servers.

Microsoft Qualcomm

Like Nvidia, Qualcomm has focused on industry applications that are accessible to everyone. Thus, it aims to reduce the workload and waste. When games and virtual worlds are included, the real concept of metaverse will have found itself.

Nintendo Signals It Can Enter NFT and Metaverse

Japanese game giant Nintendo recently announced its last quarter report. A question and answer event held after the results revealed that the company is interested in NFT and Metaverse. The company has announced that they are interested.


   "We have an interest in this space, we feel the potential in this space, but we wonder what kind of entertainment we can provide in this space and that is hard to define at the moment."

David Gibson, a senior market analyst, claimed that the company mainly meant the metaverse in his tweet, where he discussed these statements of the company. As it is known, NFTs have made a big impact in the last two years. Market commentators welcome the prospect, as a possible integration would make it easier for the company to compete with others in the gaming industry.