It is noteworthy that Injective Protocol, founded by Eric Chen and Albert Chon in 2018, emerged at Injective Labs. INJ continues to work with the Ethereum Virtual Machine mechanism and the Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm.

INJ aims to solve the problems in the financial world by taking advantage of the decentralization of the blockchain industry. It allows all investors to have authority over the Injective Chain network.

Currently, Injective Protocol (INJ-USD) has 95.3K Twitter followers and 4403 Reddit subscribers. Over the last 2 hours, Injective Protocol (INJ-USD) is 35.34% up at 02:01 EST Friday, 10 December which is 2448.83% higher than the last 48 hours average change.

Albert Chon Eric Chen

No one has a say, except for the communities that invest in INJ, which adopts decentralization as its main ingredient. Thanks to the INJ coin, staking and mining operations can be done on the Injective Protocol.

The lowest price of INJ so far was seen on November 3, 2020 with $ 0.6557, while the highest price was seen on April 30, 2021 with $ 25.01. With a circulating supply of 43,655,553 INJ, the total supply of the cryptocurrency is 100,000,000 INJ.

According to the stochastic oscillator, a useful indicator of overbought and oversold conditions, Injective Protocol’s crypto is considered to be overbought (>=80).


Latest Status at INJ

INJ has been a bit of a backsliding after their steep rise today. INJ, which rose as high as $ 13 during the day, retreated before reaching the major resistance of $ 14 - $ 15.20.

INJ coin is struggling to rise to a daily and 4-hour close above the $10.50 level. If it stays above $10.50, the coin, which is sure to try the major resistance at $14 – $15.20, has great potential. INJ, which can regress to the support level of $ 8.40 - $ 7.70 if it remains below the $ 10.50 level, seems to offer good buying opportunities to new crypto money investors.