Analyst "Altcoin Sherpa", who is closely followed among the followers of the crypto money market, shares his analysis with his followers on his official Twitter account. Sherpa targeted CRV as altcoin after Bitcoin analysis.

"BTC May Regress To 28 Thousand - 30 Thousand Bands"

Stating that the recent rises in Bitcoin are an opportunity to escape, Sherpa expects Bitcoin to regress to the $28,000 - $30,000 band in the coming days. The famous analyst used the following words for BTC.

"$BTC: I don't think the bottom + it's kind of shitty having to rely on macro conditions. I think that we're still waiting for that big wick with a strong close + volatility + wicks into the demand area. Notes on the chart for #Bitcoin; I am eyeing around 28k."

   "With this said; I am still open to making a lower high before a big wick down. Something like a lower high at the low 40ks could certainly happen first."

altcoin sherpa btc

Emphasizing that it would be wrong to rely on Bitcoin's recent rises, Sherpa expects a drop to $28,000 levels.

Could The Biggest Buying Opportunity Come In The Curve DAO?

It seems that the CRV, which investors have forgotten recently, may experience very sharp decreases in the following periods. Analyst Altcoin Sherpa also pointed out that CRV may be the altcoin that will give the best buying opportunity with the decline of Bitcoin price.

CRV, which was at $ 3.12 during Sherpa's analysis, may experience a pullback to $ 0.62 in case of a major collapse in the crypto market, according to the successful analyst.

Emphasizing that Bitcoin will fall to the level of 28,000 dollars at most, Sherpa emphasizes that the CRV can also drop to a maximum of 2 dollars, giving the best buying opportunity of the crypto market to investors.

   "$CRV: Still a really good project but I think we might need to see some sort of reset like we saw in summer 2021 and accumulation period before it runs hard again. Look for the mid low $2s IMO."

altcoin sherpa crv