According to the briefing by Adam Dean, a major error in the Cardano node caused the testnet to break. The developer mentioned a major bug in Cardano Node v1.35.2 that caused corruption in the tested Cardano network. This was important as it was the testnet version that was said to be tested and ready for the highly anticipated Vasil Hardfork.

This error is thought to be caused by operators rushing to mainnet upgrade, creating incompatible forks and reducing chain density. Cardano developers are currently testing v1.35.3 on two new testnets. However, these testnets do not have a block history like their predecessors.

Cardano Ada-7

Developers working on Vasil Hard Fork for a long time aim to improve scalability for the Cardano network by increasing the block size. The network upgrade, which was expected to take place at the end of July, was postponed to the end of this month as testing could not be completed. Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson said delays are commonplace as the entire testing process has to be done meticulously. Cardano developers, on the other hand, seem to be in a rush to bring the Vasil hardfork to life.

However, Cardano developer Adam Dean is not happy with this and said it creates a negative. Reporting the bug on the testnet, Dean also put the community at ease by sharing information about the recovery plan and what to do. Currently, there is no information on whether Cardano's Vasil Hard Fork update will be delayed, while Charles Hoskinson can make a statement on the subject soon.

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On Friday, Cardano shed 10.12% to trade at $0.4814. This is the biggest one-day drop since June 16. With this move, Cardano's market cap was $16,6462B, while the share of its value in the total cryptocurrency markets was 1.54%. The highest market cap for the Cardano coin was set at $94,8001B.

Cardano has been trading between $0.4814 and $0.5119 in the past 24 hours. Cardano has slumped 6.83% over the past seven days, with 24-hour trading volume of $820,2850M, or 1.24% by total volume. Cardano has been trading between $0.4813 and $0.5946 in the past seven days. Cardano price is 84.47% lower than $3.10 on September 2, 2021.