Why Is Aptos (APT) Rising?

Ethereum scaling and smart contracts platform Aptos attracted a lot of attention by hitting the market towards the end of last year. The project, which received an investment of more than 250 million dollars, gave its priority to creating an ecosystem. Using the recession of the crypto bear market as an opportunity, Aptos tried to carry out the token unlock and network developments in a healthy way. In this process, the price of APT, which fell to the level of $ 3 22 days ago, rose to $ 13, reaching a new all-time high.

Since its launch, Aptos (APT) has continuously invested in ecosystem improvements. The popular crypto project continued its work on blockchain developments, NFTs, DApps, smart contracts, and Web3. The Ethereum scaling and Layer-1 platform is starting to reap the benefits of their work.

Solana (SOL) was adopted by a large crypto audience when it was released. Almost the entire crypto industry used the term Ethereum killer for Solana. On the other hand, Aptos is experiencing rapid expansion and growth just like Solana. Aptos, which is called the new Solana killer and pioneer crypto money, has also managed to create a unique community in a very short time.

Taking solid steps, the project reaped the fruits of these moves with ATH at APT price. The project, which has a strong community behind it and develops its ecosystem day by day, has the potential to be in important places in the long run.

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