Billy Markus, who co-created the original meme token DOGE as a joke on Bitcoin in 2013 with Jackson Palmer, hasn't bought cryptocurrencies for nine years.

In his tweet, Palmer explained the reasons for not investing in the sector, which he made a great contribution to but closely followed.

“I mainly just got some of the tips and sales stuff”

Answering a question from a Twitter user about whether he is still investing in crypto, Markus shared that he "mostly stopped investing" in 2013, the year Dogecoin was created. For now, he has some remaining crypto from “tips” and is slowly selling.

This is why no more investing in crypto

As for the reason why the creator of one of the most popular cryptocurrencies stopped buying coins for profit, he believes crypto investing is tantamount to gambling.

Several times recently, Markus reminded the crypto community on Twitter that he is no longer affiliated with Dogecoin and that he is not planning to rejoin or start a new project. This is because he wants to avoid tons of criticism and toxic comments from the crypto community, which is inevitable when creating a cryptocurrency.

Famous Billionaire Elon Musk returns to Jackson Palmer

Elon Musk mentioned Jackson Palmer in a comment he made on Twitter over the weekend, saying he was "a little negative at times".

In response to this comment, Palmer sarcastically tweeted that "an achievement has been unlocked". Palmer had previously referred to Musk on Twitter as a "sucking crook". However, he later deleted this tweet.

It rallied to a historic high of $0.7376. Prior to that, the Tesla boss had also jokingly called himself "Doge Father" on Twitter. However, since then, DOGE has been falling and is trading at $0.083, at the time of writing, 89% lower than last year's all-time high.