Fluctuating price movements continue to be seen in the cryptocurrency markets. After the depreciation last week, the markets spent the weekend with value increases. Then, the crypto money markets, which started the new week with increases led by Bitcoin (BTC), fluctuated with the decreases that came on Thursday.

Evaluating the picture in the market, the famous analyst Michael van de Poppe focused on altcoins, which are shown as competitors of Ethereum (ETH), at this point.

Avax Avalanche-2

Poppe, one of the most famous analysts of the markets, focused on the Ethereum rival 4 altcoins. Evaluating AVAX, the native cryptocurrency of decentralized applications (DApps) blockchain Avalanche, Poppe stated that AVAX could experience a 60% increase in value from its current level.


Allocating the second place to Chainlink (LINK), Poppe stated that he expects LINK to continue its uptrend in this decentralized oracle network analysis. Expressing that a rise in LINK is likely, Poppe added that if the price of LINK falls, investors will be able to seize an opportunity that may come their way for the first time in their lives.

Cardano ADA-9

Allocating the 3rd place of the list to Cardano (ADA), Poppe said that the potential entry opportunities for ADA are in the range of $0.51 to $0.55. Noting that there is a strong resistance for ADA at $0.67 on the upside, the famous analyst said that the range he indicated for entry after the hard rejection in this region is reasonable.

curve dao token crv

Poppe, who reserved the 4th place in his list to the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform Curve DAO (CRV), stated that the price of CRV may decrease by more than 10% from its current levels. The analyst stated that after the CRV failed to rise above the key resistance level, it could return to $1.09, and after the rejection at $1.45, the asset is looking for new tests at these levels.