Which Assets Will Mark the Altcoin Rally?

The FOMO on crypto money investors seems to have increased again. The rise of Bitcoin, the leader of the crypto market, has increased the expectations of investors about the market. As it has been for a long time, investors are waiting for the start of a new altcoin rally in the crypto industry. Although altcoins gained value in this process, the expected jumps still did not occur.

According to data provider CoinMarketCap, crypto assets in the above list have entered the “trend products” list as of the news. If a new altcoin rally starts with the decline of the Bitcoin dominance table in the coming days, it can be predicted that the trending products on CoinMarketCap will make serious jumps.

The data provider, called Price Predictions, scores the bullis-bearishness of altcoins’ movements according to certain artificial intelligence algorithms. It is observed that the products in the above list are extremely bullish. These crypto assets, which have been on the radar of artificial intelligence algorithms with their recent movements, seem to be the stars of the new altcoin rally. Although it is not certain that the altcoin rally will start, it is recommended to closely follow the altcoins in the images above in a possible rally.

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