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What’s Happening in the Solana Ecosystem?

In Solana, which broke a price record in November last year and exceeded $ 250, especially the FTX collapse hit the projects on the blockchain. The fact that FTX and Alameda have a Solana-intensive balance sheet caused the bankruptcy to hurt projects on this chain the most.

One of the platforms that took action on Solana was the largest crypto derivatives exchange Deribit. The exchange announced on Solana that it will remove reverse trading products from the platform. After December 30, Deribit will no longer offer its Solana reverse options or futures products offered as of the 2nd quarter of 2022.

One of the most interesting NFTs, which reached the level of insanity in 2021, was the DeGods project. DeGods, which is seen as the most important NFT project on Solana, also announced that it will move on to the Ethereum chain. The transition will be in the first quarter of 2023.

Along with DeGods, y00ts, one of the important NFT projects, will switch to Polygon. Both projects are among Solana’s top 3 collections with the most volume on OpenSea. On Saturday, DeGods had a volume of 2.2 million SOLs and y00ts had a volume of 1.7 million SOLs. Therefore, the impact of the exit on Solana will be huge.

The allegations about the transitions of the projects did not go unnoticed, especially on Twitter. One of the allegations is that Polygon paid $ 5 million for y00ts… It is stated that Ethereum also made a payment, but there is no information about the amount…

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