Ripple is in the process of upgrading its servers to a new version. XRP validators are voting for the long-working update that will bring NFT feature to XRP Ledger (XRPL). The XLS-20 will also allow users to access assets, automatic copyrights and several other functionalities.

Ripple has also made some attempts to improve network performance and scalability. An NFT-Devnet was established to be used by potential developers who want to test the XLS-20 NFT standard in the open source project they call Clio.

NFT-Devnet, founded by Ripple, has announced that detailed tests have been carried out to measure the stability, efficiency and scalability levels of the NFT code to meet the increasing volume of Ledger.

Voting continues for XRP validators for a version upgrade that will make it possible to print, transfer and burn NFT on the XRP Ledger. Because a change in XRPL does not depend on a single decision mechanism. The majority of validators on the network must accept it for the update.

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Currently, 3 proposals have been submitted for validator approval. If two of these 3 proposals reach 80 percent majority, the current server version will be upgraded to version 1.9.1.

On the other hand, it is stated that even if the update is accepted with a majority of votes, there will be a waiting period in the next two weeks. Testing will continue during this waiting period, and if any problems are encountered, the possibility of withdrawing the update may come to the fore.

In parallel with the crypto markets, which continue to be under pressure, it is seen that the price of XRP continues at the bottom levels. XRP is moving around the support price of last week, around $0.4 today.

On the other hand, although the development of the NFT feature in the XRP network has not been priced yet, the XRP transaction volume, which has fallen below $ 1 billion in the last two days, has increased to $ 1.5 billion since yesterday.