Announcing that it would launch its own NFT platform, Ubisoft Quartz, the Ubisoft company received harsh reactions from its customers. Players who do not want such a platform to be released are facing Ubisoft.

In their statements, Ubisoft executives stated that they are used to such reactions and discourses, and emphasized that the players cannot even predict how much Ubisoft Quartz will grow.

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Nicolas Pouard and Didier Genevois, director of the Ubisoft Strategic Innovation Lab, said they did not know why players were so reactive towards the NFT industry.

   "For now, due to the current state and context of NFTs, players think it destroyed the planet first and was a tool for speculation second."

Ubisoft executives, who reported that they thought that the players saw NFTs as a speculation tool, saw greater reactions from the players after these statements. Despite the strong reactions from the players, the existence of Ubisoft Quartz continues.

Nicolas Pouard emphasized that Ubisoft's investments in Ubisoft Quartz and the NFT sector will continue to increase. Nicolas said that after the players finish the game, they can sell the items they earned in the game and earn financial income. Nicolas stated that players still do not understand this system.

   "The idea of ​​selling their items after finishing the game is about giving players an opportunity. It's really helpful for players, but they just don't get it right now."