For Bitcoin (BTC), which could not fully recover after the 27% decline at the beginning of December, the resistance at the level of 51,000 - 52,000 dollars is important. Although this level has been tested 3 times after this decline, a breakdown has not occurred yet.

Bitcoin, which accelerated to the level of $ 52,000 with the upward breaking of the falling trend in the 4-hour period, fell below $ 50,000 again today, as it could not break this resistance for a few days.

It is extremely important to stay on the green area on the chart these days, when the fear is increasing and the volume in the market has decreased due to the New Year's holiday in the world. On the other hand, the level that can be said to be completely "fear is over and a new rally may come" in Bitcoin seems to occur with the breaking of the $57,000 levels. If this level is broken, it is very likely that new records will come. Especially here, the logical strategies for three types of investors would be as follows.


Those Who Consider Buying BTC;

If you want to make a safe investment in Bitcoin, it is extremely important to make a daily close above $51,000 – $52,000, which is shown in the chart. This level, which was tried 3 times in BTC but could not be broken, has now become a strong resistance. With the breakdown of the resistance, buying can be done by placing a stop under the resistance. In case of a decrease again, a stop may be preferred in case of partial purchase from the green area (46,000 – 47,000 dollars) range and falling below it.

Who Wants to Dispose of BTC

Investors who think that they can sell their goods at the most logical level, on the other hand, can sell their holdings in parts, in the range of 50,000 - 52,000 dollars. In case of an increase after the goods are sold at these levels, against the possibility of a decrease, purchases can be made again at closings above 52,000 dollars.

Bitcoin BTC


Investors who invest for the long term and are hopeful for 2022 should put a stop to the worst case scenario. Looking at the chart, it can be said that in a sudden bearish wave, easing up to $ 38,000 can be considered normal. In this context, a partial purchase can be made up to the level of 38,000 dollars, but with a breakdown in gold, a stop can be preferred.

Altcoin investors can also look at these important levels in Bitcoin and act according to the support resistance points. Metaverse projects, which were not particularly affected by the fall of BTC in this period, can move seriously upwards in case of an increase in BTC. For this reason, it would be a very correct move to include Metaverse projects in the bag while creating an investment bag.