Journalist and editor Eddie van der Walt, who focuses on commodities and follows global financial markets from Bloomberg, says that 2021 is a true breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies. Walt described cryptocurrencies as a real part of the financial industry. Cryptocurrencies are being adopted by institutions more than in the past.

Bloomberg expert Eddie van der Walt2

Institutions and financial experts claimed that, until a few years ago, Bitcoin and other altcoins would go to zero because they had no real value. However, the crypto market has so far done much better than this pessimistic expectation. In 2021, the cryptocurrency industry introduced multiple ETFs, including the first Bitcoin futures to be approved by the SEC in the US. There have been several IPO developments, including the Coinbase exchange.

Walt confirmed that there is a complete infrastructure that allows financial institutions to enter the space (and Bitcoin in particular) with large amounts of funds. Eddie van der Walt emphasized that for these special reasons, 2021 is a real breakthrough for crypto and creates a bright future for this space.

Bloomberg expert Eddie van der Walt3

Bloomberg's Walt believes that in 2022, cryptocurrencies will further define what they mean, what they are and what we will do with them, and will clearly point to a particular benefit.

In particular, Walt spoke of high-end blockchains like Cardano and Ethereum, where they “Have taken over the NFT space and are a bit ahead in the narrative on what to do with cryptocurrencies.” told.

Bloomberg expert Eddie van der Walt4

Since regulators are only awakening to decide how to handle the crypto space, in the US in particular, Walt has called regulation a big risk factor for crypto, since they have not been regulated before. Therefore, at the moment there is a sort of regulatory arbitrage between crypto and regular assets. And that, according to the Bloomberg expert, could be negative for the cryptocurrencies in the short term. However, in the long-term prospect, regulation for crypto assets would be good, he believes, since it would allow more investors – both institutional and private ones – to get involved with them.