Cryptocurrency analysts, whose opinions are highly valued by investors, voice their price predictions for the market's leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin.

“Parabolic Matthew” Matthew Hyland shared his new price predictions for Bitcoin with his followers. The analyst, who expects a rise to $ 69,000 levels for BTC, shared this expectation on the chart. Stating that the breakout target of the trend he drew is the ATH level at $ 69,000, the successful analyst announced that he expects very sharp rises in the coming days.

   "#Bitcoin retested the breakout of the Bump and Run Reversal Bottom

The appropriate breakout target for this chart pattern is the highest high in the pattern

The highest high falls at All Time Highs: $69,000"

ParabolicMatt BTC US Dollar

Another analyst, Lark Davis, is feeling happy that BTC has risen above the 200 EMA. Noting that the 200 EMA is a critical resistance level, Lark heralds to his followers that staying above this level may bring a rise in the future.

   "#bitcoin has broken out of the downtrend, and is currently trading above the 200 day EMA. NICE!!!!"

Lark Davis BTC

Famous analyst TechDev evaluated the sharp rises in Bitcoin after the halving periods. Emphasizing the rises that followed the halving in the past years, TechDev shared with its followers that it expects an increase up to $ 300,000.

   "Like the previous 2 halving cycles, #Bitcoin:

Made its first local high with 2W RVI > 90
Saw resistance near the cycle log 1.618
Found support near the cycle log 1,472

All while making higher lows on a weekly closing basis."


Bitcoin Latest Status

While we are still indecisive in exchange rates, the price of Bitcoin Cryptocurrency, which has managed to rise above the $ 50,000 level again on Thursday last week, and which has completed the last five days with value gains, is preparing to complete with depreciation on the first trading day of the week. Bitcoin (BTC) sees the lowest level of $ 50.012 and the highest $ 50. 280 during the day; As of 15.40 hours, it was traded at $ 51103, down 0.1%.