What Direction Does the Current Data Point In? ETH?

Bitcoin (BTC) started trading at the price levels of $ 30,000, with the value losses recorded since the morning hours. The crypto money market has started to decline again due to the depreciation in BTC. Ethereum (ETH), which has lost more than 1.5% in the last 24 hours, started trading at the price levels of $ 1877.

Santiment shared the current metrics, stating that the ETH supply on the exchanges continues to decrease. Average trading volumes have also returned to the levels seen in March just before ETH surged to $2100 levels, according to Santiment.

With the crypto money market starting the day with a decline, Ethereum (ETH), which went down again and fell below the price levels of $ 1900, started to be traded at the price levels of $ 1877. However, while the downward trend in the crypto money market and the depreciation in Ethereum (ETH) continued, crypto analysis platform Santiment shared critical metrics and drew attention to current data.

Crypto analytics platform Santiment reports that the supply of ETH on cryptocurrency exchanges continues to drop, and average transaction fees are also returning to the levels seen in March just before ETH surged to $2100:

Even though #Ethereum has been unable to maintain the $1,900 level for now, the level of supply continues moving away from exchanges. Additionally, average fees are back to levels last seen in March just prior to the $ETH price ascension to $2,100.

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