Famous crypto analyst Altcoin Sherpa shares his analysis of the crypto money market on his Twitter account, which has more than 172 thousand followers.

The analyst suggested that smart contract platform NEAR, which he sees as an Ethereum competitor, could skyrocket to an all-time high in the next few weeks. He claimed that NEAR, the native token of Near Protocol, will reach its peak value, but there is still a risk of falling in price before that.

The 18th-ranked crypto-asset by market cap has dropped more than 2% to $16 in the past week. Altcoin Sherpa claimed that $14 “would be a great entry” for the token in question.

"$NEAR: IMO there is still time to average into this one from 14-16. I still think it's a good one and will break ATH within the coming weeks. #NEAR"


The analyst stated that Avalanche (AVAX), which he sees as another Ethereum (ETH) competitor, performed well below his expectations.

"$AVAX: Meh, this one has underperformed my expectations heavily. Would like to see a reclaim of the 200D EMA and EQ of the range. Looks like the range lows at 66 are coming before anything else until we see that reclaim. #AVAX "


Traded at $78.35 at the time of writing, AVAX is in 10th place by market capitalization and has lost 13.90% in the last 1 week.

Talking about Solana (SOL), nicknamed the Ethereum killer, the analyst said, “Don't think you can really call it bullish until you see a few levels have been recovered.” He stated that the acceleration he expected has not yet materialized.

"$SOL: Still no reclaim of $105. Dont think you can really call this bullish yet until we see a reclaim of a few levels. You could maybe make an argument for a C&H type of thing but I don't really see it quite yet, personally. #Solana"