Whales Collect SHIB and GRT Outside of Stablecoin

The declines in Bitcoin caused the atmosphere in the industry to change again. Crypto investors, who are having a hard time in 2022, are afraid of massive collapses again. Although individual investors have been selling and waiting in order not to lose the profits of the recent rises, it is observed that the whales are buying a significant amount of crypto assets.

Seeing these declines as a buying opportunity before the sharp rises in the crypto money industry, Ethereum whales continue to store altcoins. According to the successful data provider WhaleStats, the whales bought the following altcoins, respectively, except stablecoins in the week that Bitcoin and Ethereum fell: “SHIB, GRT, BAT, LDO, COMP AND HEX”

The popular meme coin Shiba Inu, which is still one of the most preferred products of crypto money whales, has not experienced the rise that investors expect. It should not be forgotten that GRT, which is in the 2nd place in the list, is an artificial intelligence product.

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