Whale buying ETH for the next bull?

A large crypto whale bought 2000 Ether from the Binance exchange. The total value of the Ether purchased is around $3.36 million. According to the information shared by the on-chain tracking platform Lookonchain, the same whale has withdrawn 42,800 ETH with a value of 72 million dollars from the Binance exchange since May. “It looks like the whale is collecting ETH for the next bull season,” Lookonchain wrote in its post.

It was stated that the whale opened the wallet again in May, while the same person or institution had withdrawn 15.2 thousand ETH with a value of 28 million dollars from Binance in June. As it is known, a new wallet has emerged yesterday that has been collecting Bitcoin since March. This wallet also rose to the position of the 3rd largest BTC holder.

While many theories have been put forward about the coming period, debates continue about when or if the next bull season will start. Experts and analysts especially point to the Bitcoin halving periods and the US general elections in 2024.

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