Whale Activity Increased for AAVE

According to the data, after the increase in whale activity for AAVE, there are significant increases in the price of the token. The price of AAVE, a decentralized lending platform altcoin33, has risen nearly 27% to $73 in the past five hours. The rally was triggered by cryptocurrency whales who bought large amounts of AAVE from exchanges.

According to the data, a whale pulled 2,096 ETH ($4 million) from Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume, about two hours ago. The whale then spent 500 ETH ($960,000) and purchased 184,664 at $5.2 per token from UNI, the management token of decentralized exchange Uniswap.

Whale also spent 862 ETH ($1.65 million) to purchase 24,252 AAVEs at $68.25 per token. Another whale, identified by the address 0x5a80, has been accumulating AAVE from various exchanges in the past five hours. Whale has purchased a total of 182,152 AAVEs ($13.2 million) and currently holds 399,585 AAVEs ($29 million), making it one of the largest holders of the token. The whale in question is still continuing to purchase AAVE altcoins.

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