We’re Seeing Signs of a Spring for Bitcoin

Bobby Lee, the co-founder of Hong Kong-based BTCC, one of the world’s first cryptocurrency exchanges, and now the founder and CEO of the crypto wallet company Ballet, continues to come to the agenda of the crypto money industry with his assertive statements. Bobby Lee, brother of Litecoin founder Charlie Lee, said in 2019 that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) will exceed $ 500 thousand by 2028. Lee, who made bullish predictions even during the turbulent times in the crypto money industry, lastly evaluated BTC by participating in the live broadcast of Bloomberg TV.

Stating that we have left behind the bear season, which caused a decrease in Bitcoin to the level of 15 thousand dollars, Bobby Lee emphasizes that the dark clouds on the crypto market are now dissipated.

At the end of the harsh crypto winter, we are seeing signs of crypto spring coming. It’s been a long time since Taurus. Bitcoin has bull and bear market cycles of four years. We saw that the bear market experienced in 2022 brought BTC down to $ 16,000. Looking back so far, I see BTC recovering a bit and recovering. BTC nearly doubled and hit $31,000.

Underlining that people’s trust in the banking system has been broken again in recent months, Lee believes that spring will come very soon in Bitcoin. Although the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin is experiencing serious rises by 2023, Bobby Lee emphasizes that much greater rises may occur in the future.

The recent banking crisis in the USA showed that the money they invested in people was not always safe and in place. Realizing that banks could also disappear, people turned to crypto. Because in crypto, you have the right to ‘self-custody’. So you can keep your cryptocurrencies yourself. In fact, this way you can become the bank of your own money. You can hold your own crypto without third party or counterparty risk. It is this feature that makes Bitcoin very, very special.

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