Investments in Cryptocurrency Ecosystem and Web3 Protocols Increase Every Day

Compliance firm Satschel has raised a $5.2 million investment led by early-stage venture firm Brand Foundry Ventures, a Satschel startup spokesperson said. Using Web3 and Bitcoin technologies, Satschel continues to meet the legal standards of investors and clients.

In addition, the company helps financial services companies comply with regulations through its Compliance Fabric technology. Andrew Mitchell, founder of Brand Foundry Ventures, said in a statement:

   “Compliance costs have increased since the financial crisis. The development of the crypto ecosystem requires an acceleration in KYC and anti-money laundering.”


Assure's customers will be the first

This investment comes just days after Satschel announced it has partnered with financial firm Assure. With this partnership, Assure's customers will be the first to benefit from Satschel's Compliance Fabric technology. Mitchell said:

   “We are excited about Satschel and look forward to seeing its innovative services deliver value for Assure SPV customers and investors by eliminating hotspots.”

Assure company enables customers to configure and complete deals faster. The company has structured and completed more than 8,500 deals with over $9 billion in assets under management. The company's clients include companies such as Republic, Forge and Tech Coast Angels. “With Assure, we demonstrate the potential of Web3 to enhance value and experience, even for off-chain businesses,” said Eric Choi, Satschel co-founder and president.