Huge fund manager Alan Howard announced that he has grown his crypto portfolio by including several new projects. Alan Howard, co-founder and CEO of European hedge fund management firm Brevan Howard, revealed in an interview with The Block that he first started investing in crypto products with a large amount of capital in late 2020.

Howard announced that his investment in the sector is growing steadily. The huge fund company, which turns to stocks, cryptocurrencies and NFTs, believes that some of these products are still very cheap. The CEO of Brevan Howard gave the following words in an interview with The Block:

   "You always need to be close to cryptocurrencies and the market in order to learn about emerging technologies, meet future billionaires, and partner in projects that will change the world."


Howard described cryptocurrencies as an important new asset class that “will greatly impact technology and the economy for years to come.”

The massive fund manager said he finds it more rewarding to invest in the entire ecosystem in a "highly diversified way" given the emerging circumstances for this new asset class.

Howard, who is not thought to invest only in Bitcoin and certain major cryptocurrencies, also adds many altcoins, large and small, in the crypto market to his investment bag.

Noting that they do not know at what level the products, which are considered to have low market value, in the future, the fund manager takes care to buy from each product.

Bitcoin Drop

Bitcoin Is Very Close To The Red For Nine Weeks In A Row

Bitcoin failed to recover this week as well and continued to trade in a rather narrow range. In fact, it seems likely that Bitcoin, which has experienced some depreciation, will close this week in the red as of the time of publication. If that happens, it will have closed red for nine consecutive weeks for the first time in Bitcoin history. For Bitcoin to close this week in the green (according to Binance data), it needs to be traded above $30,400.