Famous fashion designer Philipp Plein predicted that more customers will use crypto when selling the company's products this year. Plein predicts Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies will generate between $15.8 million and $21 million in 2022 revenue for the firm.

Philipp Plein International AG, one of Europe's leading fashion companies, entered the crypto world last year by enabling its customers to pay for clothes, shoes and other products with 15 digital assets.

The founder of the firm, Philipp Plein, explained in a recent interview that such payment instruments account for about 3% of the $105 million revenue in 2021.


Believing that the numbers will increase this year and reach an income of $ 21 million, Plein states that by the end of the year, payments with Bitcoin and crypto money will be adopted much more worldwide. Philipp Plein quoted the following in a recent interview.

   “We saw how massive the crypto community is, so we gained a lot of new customers.”

Saying that he saw how large the crypto community is, Philipp Plein emphasizes that he has gained many new customers thanks to the steps he has taken in this direction. The famous fashion designer, who believes that the adoption of cryptocurrencies will increase in the future, is known to have a special sympathy for Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Huge Asset Manager Launches Blockchain ETF Instead of Bitcoin

BlackRock has launched a new ETF as part of its “megatrend” series to help investors better adapt to the growing blockchain technology space.

The massive asset manager has also made new investments in the blockchain industry to drive change in various areas. BlackRock announced that the iShares Blockchain and Tech ETF (IBLC) does not currently support crypto assets, but instead tracks shares of promising blockchain companies.

It is noteworthy that the investment vehicle, which the firm applied in January and launched on Wednesday, currently has $4.7 million in assets under its management. Approximately 34 separate holdings have created the newly launched ETF. Crypto exchange Coinbase, Bitcoin miners Marathon Digital holdings, and Riot Blockchain Inc. all have a big say in the fund.


The famous exchange Coinbase has 11.45% stake in the fund, while Marathon Digital holding and Riot Blockchain Inc. have 11.19% and 10.41% shares, respectively. Along with the launch of its Blockchain ETF, BlackRock says in a newly shared report titled “The Great Acceleration” it supports blockchain technology as a key driver of lasting changes in consumer behavior.

However, according to the famous firm, the potential for this underlying technology to be applied not only in creating cryptocurrencies but also in various other industries is considered very high.