“We Believe The Next Bull Will Be The Biggest Bull Market”

Bitwise chief investment officer Matt Hougan predicts that the market will enter a major bull cycle in the next few years.

Matt Hougan, chief investment officer at asset management firm Bitwise, suggested that the cryptocurrency market is poised for unprecedented growth over the next few years. Speaking in an interview with a Youtube channel, Hougan stated that he predicts the upcoming bull cycle will be the biggest bull cycle in terms of user adoption, increase in market value and other important metrics.

Hougan stated that the main driving force behind the cycle will be technological breakthroughs in the field of scalability. The veteran investor has argued that this breakthrough, which he calls the Layer-2 era, will enable crypto to become mainstream.

On the other hand, Bitwise published a long 11-point analysis article in January and said, “We believe the next bull will be the biggest bull market. Mainstream adaptation will begin. Crypto has rebounded after every major pullback and will rebound again.”

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