Voyager, which operates in the crypto loan services industry, recently rejected FTX's offer as a bailout, on the grounds that the purchase amount is low and this will hurt customers.

Voyager Digital's legal department reported that they rejected the offer submitted to the court, as the company is in the process of restructuring with a bankruptcy filing. FTX's offer included buying all of Voyager's assets and outstanding loans, excluding defaulted loans.

Voyager said that announcing the offer detail would be negative for other possible put offers. In addition, Voyager lawyers also stated that FTX's offer did not meet certain commitments to debtors and bankruptcy court. In this context, the lawyers intend to continue the company's restructuring plan.

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Crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3AC), another company in a difficult situation in the cryptocurrency industry, failed to repay a $650 million loan to Voyager, and the company entered a financial crisis and had to file for bankruptcy on July 5.

The CEO of FTX reiterated FTX's intention to acquire Voyager in his tweet thread yesterday. Bankman-Fried said Voyager customers were already in a very difficult situation and needed to get their assets back as soon as possible. Voyager lawyers, on the other hand, claimed that the proposal was a liquidation of Voyager's assets and that only FTX's investment arm Alameda would benefit.

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FTX has been a prominent company with various takeover offers since crypto companies entered the financial crisis. Earlier this month, FTX signed a $240 million loan deal with BlockFi with a $640 million repurchase option.

In addition, last week, the development of FTX and the US arm of the crypto exchange FTX.US, which will launch a 400 million dollar investment round, came to the agenda. It is estimated that the fund, which is aimed to be collected with this new investment round, will be used to buy more crypto companies.