According to the news quoted by the Wall Street Journal, the Voyager auction started last week, but no bids have been accepted yet. According to the developments that emerged today, Binance made an offer of approximately $ 50 million for the purchase. It is stated that this offer is higher than FTX's offer at the moment.

The law firm that manages Voyager Digital's bankruptcy process has not yet made an updated statement for the auction. In addition, it was informed that the auction continues for those who want to buy the company. Among the proposals to be presented, it is reported that besides the acquisition of Voyager, different proposals for the restructuring of the company will be evaluated.

Binance CEO Zhao

FTX, on the other hand, took the first step in July and submitted an offer to buy Voyager. However, in the statement made by the company, it was said that FTX's offer fell far short of expectations. In addition, Voyager has not yet reported its own figure for the sale of the company, and is awaiting the results of the auction.

Binance's attempt to buy Voyager was interpreted by some as a US government obstacle. Because the demand of foreign companies in the USA to buy companies operating in the country is evaluated by the US Foreign Investment Committee (CFIUS). While the committee is assessing whether the acquisition poses a national security risk, it has hinted that some people with knowledge of the matter may have problems with Binance's purchase.

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On the other hand, although the founder of FTX is a US citizen, it is known that the headquarters of the company is registered in the Bahamas. Although Voyager is a Canadian-based company, it is estimated that it can be considered as a domestic company since it has a credit relationship with US citizens. Voyager's auction result will be announced on September 29, although discussions about the acquisition process are likely to continue until this time.