Visa CEO: “Stablecoins and CBDCs Can Make Sense”

Visa CEO Al Kelly thinks stablecoins and CBDCs can be integrated into next-generation payment systems. The intense interest of stablecoins, the CBDC preparations of the countries and finally the blockchain initiatives of the institutions come to the fore. Blockchain, which is faster, more applicable and more user-friendly, has become a part of the new financial system. Visa CEO Al Kelly, who will leave his post on February 1, made statements about new generation payments. Kelly signaled his company’s approach to stablecoins and CBDCs.

Kelly underlined that it is still too early. The Visa CEO stated that he thinks stablecoins and CBDCs can play a meaningful role in the payments space. Kelly also stated that they believe in this potential and have a number of ongoing initiatives. Stating that they were not affected by the collapse scenarios experienced last year, Kelly said;

“We have had no credit losses associated with these failures. Please know that in everything we do, we are extremely focused on protecting the integrity of Visa’s payment system and payment system, and of course, its reputation.”

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