Cardano (ADA) has increased its volatility following the recent announcements regarding the Vasil hard fork. While Adam Dean, one of the most influential developers of the Cardano (ADA) network, made optimistic statements for the update, expectations for the Vasil hard fork to take place earlier than expected increased.

Adam Dean announced on Twitter that Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) running the 1.35.3 node accounted for 63% of the blocks in the last 12 hours. IOHK, on ​​the other hand, announced that they expect 75% block production on the node for the Vasil hard fork to be commissioned on the Cardano (ADA) mainnet.


The other two requirements expected to happen before the Vasil hard fork were at least 25 exchanges that upgraded the node to ensure 80% of liquidity, and testing on the top 10 dApps against 1,35.3 nodes on the pre-production testnet. According to the latest situation, Binance and several other cryptocurrency exchanges announced that they have updated their Cardano (ADA) node for a hard fork. Also, the top 10 dApps announced that they have successfully tested 1,35.3 nodes. Currently, Binance and several other exchanges have announced that they are upgrading the Cardano node. Also, 4 of the top 10 DApps have confirmed testing against 1,35.3 nodes.

The Vasil hard fork was expected to go live at the end of last month, but IOHK (Input Output HK) has announced that it has been delayed due to bugs detected on the 1.35.0 node and requires further testing. This week, rumors that the hard fork could be delayed again were on the agenda. Cardano (ADA) CEO Charles Hoskinson harshly criticized some developers who claimed that IOHK was rushing to deploy the 1.35.3 node despite a bug in 1.35.2.