While some countries, including Russia and Indonesia, are preparing to take decisions against the crypto money ecosystem, some developments in the market neutralize the impact of these bad developments. In the US, Flushing Bank plans to offer Bitcoin (BTC) service to its customers.

Flushing Financial Corporation, in a statement today; Bitcoin (BTC) company announced that it has signed a deal with New York Digital Investment Group. The purpose of the agreement is for Flushing Bank to provide Bitcoin (BTC)-focused services to its customers. Necessary preparations are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2022.

BTC Bank

The CEO of Flushing Financial Corporation announced in a statement that they will enable their customers to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

   "Through our online banking provider Q2, we will use New York Digital Investment Group's innovative technology to enable our customers to own Bitcoin (BTC) and buy and sell cryptocurrencies. Thanks to this collaboration, our customers will be able to securely perform Bitcoin (BTC) transactions."

New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) company CIO also made a statement in response to this statement.

   “Consumer interest in Bitcoin (BTC) is growing and our company has the necessary tools and experts to meet these demands from local banks. Together with progressive institutions like Flushing Bank, we are on track to achieve our mission for Bitcoin (BTC).”

The bank currently has branches in the Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Long Island areas. Flushing Bank can expand its investor base with the Bitcoin (BTC) service it has added to its structure.

Cryptocurrency adoption in the New York area was taken to an advanced level when the city's mayor, Eric Adams, recently received his salary in Bitcoin (BTC). A New York bank providing Bitcoin (BTC) services may attract the attention of investors in the region.