Update Coming to Osmosis! Support from Binance!

Osmosis (OSMO), a decentralized exchange (DEX) and altcoin in the Cosmos ecosystem, is getting a new update soon. The world’s largest crypto exchange Binance also announced that it will support the update, which will take place on December 12.

The offer for the V13.0.0 update of Osmosis was accepted by 99.49%. The update reportedly includes the introduction of a Stableswap pool designed to offer low slippage for the two assets intended to be tightly correlated, the addition of the IBC Rate Limit module, support for cross-chain CosmWasm contracts, and allowing instant release of tied liquidity for the use of collateral liquidation.

The much anticipated stableswap AMM curve will be included in the v13 update and will allow Osmosis users to create more optimized liquidity pools for pairs intended to be tightly correlated.

The ability to set different scaling factors for assets with pricing ratios other than 1:1 is a key feature of the stableswap curve used here.

Osmosis has customizable liquidity pools. Unlike Uniswap, where LPs can only provide liquidity to a pool of two equally rated tokens, Osmosis allows liquidity to be provided to pools with several altcoins and unequal ratios.

Osmosis argues that brokers in a maturing DeFi market, such as arbitrageurs and LPs, need a more flexible solution that allows them to self-identify opportunities and react to them by adjusting parameters.

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