Upbit Will Participate in Airdrop for XRP Holders

South Korea’s largest crypto exchange Upbit has announced that it has participated in the xCORE airdrop for XRP holders. Holders of SOLO, the token of the Sologenic project on XRP Ledger, will also be able to benefit from the airdrop. A similar announcement was previously published on the MEXC exchange.

XRP and SOLO holders on the Upbit exchange will be able to benefit from the xCORE airdrop according to their wallet status on March 24. The airdrop event announced by the Coreum team is expected to take place on May 15. A total of 50 million tokens will be distributed equally to SOLO and XRP holders.

Upbit did not guarantee that the airdrop would support the exchange’s transactions. Snapshots of accounts will be taken on March 24. XRP and SOLO operations will be suspended before snapshots are taken. The event will coincide with Coreum’s mainnet launch. xCore is an option token with a strike option price of $10 for CORE, the native token of the Coreum network. xCORE will be tradable if the CORE price rises and stays above $10 for 240 hours (10 days). With the Coreum network established by the Sologenic Development Fund, it is aimed to meet the needs of Sologenic at the points where the XRP Ledger is insufficient.

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