UPbit Announces Listing 7 Chiliz Fan Tokens

Leading Korean cryptocurrency exchange UPbit 7 announced the listing of the Chiliz Fan token. These are ACM, AFC, ATM, BAR, CITY, INTER, NAP. This is a first since 2020, but it’s also seen as a big move for a South Korean stock market. Before that, PSG and Juventus fan tokens were listed on the exchange.

AC Milan Fan Token, Arsenal Fan Token, Atletico De Madrid Fan Token, FC Barcelona Fan Token, Manchester City Fan Token, Inter Milan Fan Token and Napoli Fan Token (ACM, AFC, ATM, BAR, CITY, INTER, NAP), Chiliz are fan tokens issued by their team on a specific contract basis with each club for a certain period of time, allowing fans to participate in the club’s decision-making process.

The Chiliz Fan Token is used as a club affiliation point in Chiliz’s Socios apps and services, allowing fans to earn various rewards such as VIP items, fan shops and NFT products, and the club can participate in Fan Token voting using smart contracts to track the token holders’ decisions. makes decisions.

Upbit has decided to support Chili’s Fan Token after a sufficient deposit period to create a healthy trading environment and minimize side effects such as rapid market fluctuations due to lack of liquidity. However, be aware that Chiliz Fan Token (ACM, AFC, ATM, BAR, CITY, INTER, NAP) may experience sudden price fluctuations due to excessive or insufficient liquidity.

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