There was a sharp decrease in prices in crypto currencies, especially BTC. Afterwards, the market gives optimistic signals again. Bitcoin rose above $51,500, paving the way for altcoins to recover.

Unexpectedly, one of the highest risers of the day was XRP. Ripple, which has been silent for a while, has come very close to 1 dollar again with a 6% increase.

A large amount of XRP transactions took place before the recovery in the crypto market. The value of the transferred funds was approximately $76 million.

Ripple XRP

While the value of XRP was traded at $ 0.80, 80 million XRP transfers were made in three different transactions. The first transaction of 40 million XRP was made from Ripple's official account to an anonymous wallet that currently holds 30 million tokens. The 40 million XRP transferred was here for a short time and transferred to another anonymous wallet in almost instantaneous time. These funds were then sent to a centralized exchange. The crypto community said that Ripple may have used two anonymous wallets to sell its assets on the exchange without transacting directly to the exchange address.


After the transfer of the official account using two anonymous wallets, a more direct transaction took place. An anonymous crypto whale transferred 20 million tokens to the Bitso exchange and transferred the same amount back an hour later.

Whatever the reason, the crypto whale transferred 20 million tokens to a centralized exchange, left 1.8 million tokens in the exchange's hot wallet and transferred 18.2 million tokens back to its own wallet. The reason for this unusual move remains unclear.

XRP US Dollar

According to CoinMarketCap data, XRP, which is in the 8th place with a market capitalization of 39,350,768,825, may rise again to replace the 7th-ranked USDC with the arrival of volume and buyers in the coming days. If it closes below the 0.77 - 0.81 dollar support level, it is expected that the movements of XRP, which can fall to the 0.69 dollar support and then to the 0.60 dollar support levels, will be determined by the Bitcoin movements as usual.