As Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies are accepted by countries and their use continues to increase, their place in our lives is getting stronger. In this context, the University of Cincinnati in Ohio, USA, added Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies as part of its curriculum.


According to the news of Cincinnati local news agency WLWT, the University of Cincinnati will launch an education program for students on new financial technologies such as BTC and cryptocurrencies. The report stated that the Bitcoin education program was funded by longtime supporters Dan Kautz and Woodrow (Woody) Uible. Commenting on these programs, University of Cincinnati lecturer Dean Marianne Lewis said:

   “Thanks to Dan and Woody, our students will receive experiential education about new financial technologies such as Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Our students will learn how to manage BTC and cryptocurrencies and how such digital assets affect our economy. With this type of education program, the University of Cincinnati is a regional leader. It will also be among the best universities nationally.”

Apart from the University of Cincinnati, Twitter's former CEO Jack Dorsey and famous rapper Jay-Z also announced that they have launched a Bitcoin education program for Mary Houses residents in the past few weeks.

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Latest Situation in Cryptocurrency Market

After yesterday's downtrend, cryptocurrencies made up for yesterday's losses with purchases until the evening hours today. Cryptocurrency market cap, after depreciating by 3.7 percent yesterday, rose at a similar rate today and returned to the 900 billion dollar band. The average transaction volume in the last 24 hours in the markets, on the other hand, remains low, remaining below $70 billion. According to the price movements of the last 24 hours, 84 of the top 100 cryptocurrencies are currently on the plus side.

Bitcoin rallied as high as $20,800 today with purchases from the main support level after briefly testing below $20,000 in yesterday's seller transactions. While there has been a resistance in this region since yesterday, BTC's encountering a reaction at an average of $ 20,500 causes it to move in a narrow area.