Uniswap Labs Launches NFT Marketplace Aggregator Platform

Uniswap Labs, the developer of decentralized exchange Uniswap (UNI), has released its NFT marketplace aggregator platform. One of the strong players of the crypto industry, NFT initiatives continue at full speed. NFT, one of the most popular products of its time, is getting less attention now. However, irreplaceable products continue on their way without losing their image. NFTs, which have gained a large place in the global sense, are also increasingly interested in countries and institutions. Especially in many countries, the innovations made were exhibited with NFTs. Most recently, Uniswap acquired NFT marketplace aggregator Genie. This acquisition made it clear that the decentralized exchange would also enter the NFT space. Today, the company released its platform with a new announcement.

Decentralized exchange Uniswap (UNI) today announced its highly anticipated NFT marketplace aggregator platform. In the announcement, images of the platform were also included. UNI has created a new platform that it hopes will break the barrier between cryptocurrency exchanges and NFT marketplaces. The platform will also include pools selling NFTs based on price curves. In addition, the platform lists products for sale in markets such as OpenSea, X2Y2, LookRare, Sudoswap.

Uniswap Labs has announced that Genie will also perform an airdrop of $5 million to its users. The company also underlined that it offers lower gas fees than other collectors.

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