Analytical company Santiment has reported that a large amount of dormant XRP tokens has been moved. On the other hand, whale tracker platform Whale reported that approximately 375 million XRP has been transferred in the last two days.

In a recent tweet, Santiment reported that XRP, the seventh-largest cryptocurrency issued by Ripple last week, has reached several major milestones. The first milestone that the analytics company marks for XRP has been reached with several primary active wallets that have started to carry their XRP.

ripple xrp-1

In addition, Santiment shared a chart showing this activity, while reporting that the second milestone in the altcoin was reached with the start of moving cryptocurrencies from several large dormant XRP wallets. The Santiment team stated that these wallets and XRPs should be followed closely.

   "$XRP is ahead of the #altcoin pack recently, and some major milestones have hit over the past week. In addition to several massive active address spikes firing off, there have been massive dormant tokens shifting addresses this week. Keep a close watch. "


According to the Whale platform, which tracks major movements in blockchains, a total of 374.5 million XRP has been transferred in the last 48 hours. The biggest of the transfers was the movement of 155 million XRP in one go.

In the series of 375 million XRP transfers, 63 million 501 thousand 812 XRPs were transferred from the cryptocurrency exchange FTX to BitGo. 46 million 75 thousand 670 XRP from Bitstamp was also moved to BitGo. BitGo, which was acquired by Mike Novogratz's Galaxy Digital last year, provides crypto custody services to various companies and financial institutions, including Ripple Labs. In addition, 60 million and 50 million XRP from the US-based giant cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex were transferred to Bitstamp and Bitso. Finally, 150 million XRP was transferred to Bittrex from the world's largest crypto exchange Binance.