Trust Wallet Recommendation from Binance CEO

FUD, which flared up with the bankruptcy of FTX in the crypto money sector, grew with the possibility of lawsuits against Binance. Binance FUD, which emerged earlier this week, caused investors to withdraw their funds from the stock market, while Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao made statements that the allegations were false.

While the FUD, which was created by the news of the lawsuit against Binance, continued, there was also the news that the withdrawals of USDC were stopped yesterday. His suspension of USDC withdrawals caused panic to increase. Making a statement on his Twitter account after these events, Changpeng Zhao stated that the FUD news in the markets contributed to their growth and that it was right for the stock markets to undergo such stress tests from time to time.

Changpeng Zhao, quoting the FUD post, suggested to investors today to use Trust Wallet, Binance’s official cryptocurrency wallet, to keep their money safe:

“FUD brought “stress test”, which in turn helps to build the credibility for exchanges that passes the test. If you want to hold your own coins, feel free to use @TrustWallet. Please keep your private keys safe. Otherwise, we are here @binance.”

Following Changpeng Zhao’s post, Trust Wallet’s native token, TWT, has increased by about 1.85% in the past hour.

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